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Your guide to White Sneakers

White sneakers. They´ve been around forever, you probably own a (few) pair/s. I know I own several pairs that I wear pretty much daily. What cooler way to update your spring wardrobe than with a crisp pair of white sneakers? There´s so many different styles to pick from, that choosing your next favorite shoe can be a bit overcoming, so without further ado: Here´s my guide to white sneakers!

Canvas Sneakers:

Also known as “tennis shoes”, these white sneakers are the basics, and they were the beginning of the trend. Just look around you in the summer, there´s a huge chance that everyone and their mom is wearing white Converse.

Leather Sneakers:

These are great fro both summer and colder months, because the leather keeps your feet pretty warm. I love styling these shoes up or down, because they look so good with dresses AND jeans (Not at the same time, though). My Adidas Stan Smiths are so worn out and dirty from having worn them practically every day last year, but I still love them.

Retro Sneakers:

The retro trend has been around for long enough for me to be bold and assume that it´ll stick with us for a little while longer. I recently bought my Reeboks, and I love their look. I´ll be living in them this summer.

Platform Sneakers:

I am such a fan of platform sneakers and if I could, I would buy every single on of the sneakers below. Especially the Converse All Stars with the orange color block.

Graphic Sneakers:

Obviously Gucci rules over this trend, and that for a good reason. Pictures and embellishments add such a unique touch to the classic white sneaker.

Do you love white shoes as much as I do? Let me know in the comments!



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