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Vacation Shop: What I´m packing for Portugal

Spring break is coming up and this year, I´m traveling to Portugal with a very good friend of mine (Who you´ll most likely get to know on here during my trip!).

Here´s a confession: I`m an overpacker.

Her parents and us two girls makes us a group of four. We´re sharing one big suitcase, which me and Christina get a half of, and each of us will take a carry-on suitcase into the plane. Do the math: I won´t have a lot of space. Truly, I don´t mind it too much. I´m just thankful and excited to go on this trip! If that means taking less clothes, fine by me!

I know that one of the two hotels we´re staying at will have a pool, so I´ll be packing two swimsuits. One bikini, and a one-piece which I love, but have never ever worn in the water before.

As soon as I got the final confirmation of me going on the trip, I checked the weather. (Hint: That was a lie. The second she mentioned Portugal to me I googled the weather situation there lol) Anyways, it´s supposed to be 20 degrees! And while I don´t have much hope for tanning at the beach, I prefer 20 over the 7 degrees we have here.

  • I´m packing two pairs of jeans, one blue, the other my absolute favorite pair of Calvin Klein jeans that I would wear 24/7 if I could. (I know that I technically could, but I hate sleeping in jeans).

For “just in case”, I´m packing one pair of jean shorts.

  • I looove flowy tops, so I´m bringin a few t-shirts and two blouses, one white (I guess it´s actually a “shirt”, since it´s from the men´s section) and the other my Marco Polo blouse.

  • Shoes: this is such a difficult descision to make! I basically only wear sneakers anyways, so I´ll definitely be taking my Reeboks along with me. Weirdly enough I don´t own any sandals? But if I find cute ones there I think I´ll buy them 🙂 I´m also bringing one pair of heels for when we go out at night 🙂


  • Bags: I´m bringing along a canvas tote, my carry-on suitcase, and a crossbody. I own one black and one blue one, and since I try to follow basic fashion rules, I´ll have to figure out which one to bring along. I´m sure me and Christina will share bags anyways haha!

  • For jackets, I´m bringing my leather jacket, a sweat-jacket, and a cardigan. I have no idea how to dress for warmer weather anymore!

  • Accessories: Scarves and hats are essential, but I want to be tourist-y and buy a snapback there. I´m feeling a cold creeping in (please make it go away!) so I´m bringin along a simple s´vintage scarf for extra warmth around my throat.

See you in Portugal cuties!


  • Courtney

    Your Calvin Klein Jeans is the reason why it’s a big deal for me to invest in a good pair of jeans. If there’s anything worth splurging on for me, it’s a good pair of jeans. Excited to see more about this trip!! Hope you enjoy!

  • Disaster Davis (@Disaster_Davis)

    You might already know this tip, apologies if so, but the absolute best thing you can do with your clothes is to roll them instead of just folding them, it packs them up a little smaller and avoids creasing! I hope you have an amazing trip, you don’t fancy hiding me in your carry on luggage do you? 😉

  • livelovetravelx

    I’m reading your Portugal blog back to front ahaha!! Starting with your latest and your first last 😂!!
    Packing for trips is so stressful for me! I never know what to pack especially when the weather before I go is cold!!
    I packed winter clothes for my trip to Vietnam! Oh how I was wrong and had to buy new clothes 😂😂😂

    • Antonia G

      Thanks so much!! Really makes me happy that you´re spending time reading these posts! Portugal was such a great place to visit, and even though I believe I could have packed a lot better and a lot more efficient, I´m glad that this is what I brought! xx

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