A list of my current favorite songs, illustrated by me.

It was a bit hard to choose my favorite songs of the moment, but I narrowed it down to nine (eleven) songs that I hope you´ll like as much as I already do.



I Miss You (feat. Julia Michaels) – Clean Bandit

This is one of the songs that sounds like a typical “radio” song, something you could probably even dance to if you wanted to. But what makes this song so special to me is the lyrics, real and relatable and surprisingly personal for a commercial pop song. I guess Clean Bandit is good with combining sad lyrics with happy beats, though. (Never trust a happy song, somewhat of a mantra of mine).

Julia Michaels is telling a very personal break up story in this song, with lines that are so relatable it hurts.

“It’s a simple song, about the unbelievable pain of breaking up with someone you love.”

lovely (with Khalid)- Billie Eilish

I wasn´t sure wether or not I should include this song in this particular playlist, considering that it´s very sad and emotional and raw compared to the other songs, which are rather happy and more “summer” than this one is, but I really do adore this song. Is it about loneliness? About depression? I guess that is for you to decide, but I can promise you that these lyrics in combination with the beautiful string and piano music played in the background will make you feel something. If you´re ready to feel, listen.

Daddy Issues- The Neighborhood

My loves, this song is so beautiful. The lyrics, the vibes, the music. Not only does Jesse Rutherford share his pain with his partner, or “baby girl” as he calls her, but he also reflects on his own experience with “daddy issues”, his complicated relationship to his father. The lyrics are simultaneously and romantic and hurtful, and he seems desperate to connect with her through protecting her.

Sun- Two Door Cinema Club

This song is made of pure summer. Listen, and you´ll understand. This is a song to go surfing to, to get ready to, a song to sing out loud in the car. Such positive, sunny vibes, even though the lyrics are quite sad. I´m starting to see a pattern with sad songs sounding happy.

Paradise- George Ezra

Again, listening to this song immediately gives me a good mood. Immediately. This song, the buildup to the chorus, the guitar int he background, it sounds like what falling in love feels like. And that´s something that´s not easy to do.

Bloom- Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan is a legend, and we all know it. While I´m not a super fan, as in I don´t obsess over him or his life, I´ve still been able to observe his development as a person and artist, and it´s crazy cool to see how far he´s come. The music video alone is magical and powerful, the self-representation is AMAZING. The song is definitely a jam, and listening to it in the context of it being about (him) (losing) (his) virginity makes you realize how intimate and “youthful” this song really is. I bloom just for you, how simple yet beautiful.

Moon River- Frank Ocean

Moon River will forever be one of the most beautiful songs out there, and this modern adaptation by Frank Ocean only enhances this beauty. It´s a lot more modern, a lot less dreamy, and a lot cooler than the original version. I´ve been replaying the classical version of the original Moon River, I love Audrey Hepburn, and this version gives me life. I appreciate the diversity of this song so much. All in all very wholesome. 🙂

210 Lilac Sky- Goody Grace

Goody Grace is one of my favorite artists, ever. There´s something about him and his music that feels so genuine and realistic and real. I´ve been following his journey into the music industry for a little over two years now, ever since his soundcloud days, and I am so proud of all he´s accomplished. I´m so sure that he will be super big one day, so keep your eyes peeled. He´s actually releasing new music this Friday 27th, with Jesse Rutherford off The Neighborhood (amazing.), so head over to his Spotify and listen to that! This song is off his first album, and it spoke to me in a way that the other songs didn´t. I read somewhere that Goody named this song after his favorite nail polish shade by Chanel (I googled it, it´s pink like cotton candy with a slight lilac touch), but a tiny part of me thinks that it was also inspired by Halsey´s Colors, “You touched me, and suddenly I was a lilac sky, then you decided purple just wasn´t for you.” I feel like the moods of the songs are the same, the message of giving your all only to be left or mistreated is the same. I think it all comes down to the beat in combination with the lyrics and Goody´s voice. The beat is the most important and touching part of this song. This is truly a song I would want to slow dance to, and I really don´t like dancing with others.

Streetcar- Daniel Caesar

The first time I heard this song was in the middle of the night, in the middle of an empty street. The world was quiet and the music was loud, the street lights were on but the sky was black save for the constellations of stars above our heads- it was an empowering, magical moment after many sad ones.


Peanut Butter Jelly- Galantis

I love this song simply because it makes me happy, it makes me want to dance and jump around. This is an immediate mood booster, so if you need motivation or a boost of energy, this is the song for you. Tell me you don´t feel like dancing while listening to this song? (I´m even dancing right now, listening to this song while writing about it, it´s that good).

Vibras + Mi Gente- J Balvin

Okay, this is a masterpiece. It´s important that you listen to both of these songs in a row, in the exact way they appear on an album. Listening to these two songs is like a freaking trip, it makes me feel so happy and alive to hear them flow into each other so perfectly. From 0-100 real quick, I love it. And also, we´ve all danced to Mi Gente, so cue the happy memories!

This post is another collaboration with my friend Jeanne! Our last collab was this spring, another post on music and playlists. Since we both have similar music tastes and styles, and have decided to give you more music recommendations for the summer. Although we decided not to fit too many songs into each of our posts, I´m sure there will be more music posts soon! Jeanne is the sweetest, I´d love for you to check out her post to get 15 more song recommendations.

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