Welcome to today´s post: a recap of my recent music favorites. One of my favorite things to write about is music, whether I do it creatively, such as in my summer playlist post I spent soo much time on (Fr I spent like three days on the graphics and look how badly they turned out lmao- it´s okay though, it´s part of the growth), or my love story post which is still one of my favorite uploads on here ever, or less creatively, such as in my January Playlist post. Obviously, my plan to upload monthly playlists/posts about music has absolutely failed. It´s November and the last time I´ve written about music was literally in January. Oops. I´m waiting for my Spotify rewind playlist to drop soon because I´m ready to spill some tea on all the songs I endlessly listened to this year. Stay super tuned.

In the past two months, my taste in music has changed drastically. Of course, taking one look at my “Toni” playlist would show you that my preferred genres fluctuate almost daily, but this change is the most extreme yet. Take a seat or you might fall over: I started listening to rap. And not just any rap. GERMAN rap. Wow. I know. I´m sorry Mom.

All jokes aside, this year´s fall made me realize how much the people we spend time with/like/look up to influence us. Do with this statement whatever you want.

I´ll start this playlist/recap off at the only song that deserves to be the beginning of this list: Mamma Mia by Austin Weber. It´s just a cover, but this blog wouldn´t be mine if I didn´t talk about ABBA. I found this song through a meme, which is the only logical explanation for this song: it´s a full meme. Do you know that eighties remix of Post Malone´s Better Now? This ABBA cover has similar vibes. Weber also recorded this masterpiece while standing in the middle of a Japanese lake and that, in combination with the background music and the absolute glorious voice crack at 2:34, is iconic and nothing less.

Another major thing that happened recently: Louis Tomlinson released a song. A solo song named Kill My Mind. Is One Direction truly over now that all 6 5 of the boys are solo artists? Will I ever get over it? The world will never know.

Lalala by Y2K will be stuck in your mind for hours after listening to it, so do so with caution. This song I dedicate to Jen because we could not stop listening it for like two days. I crown it our song because I´m cute like that.

Heavenly by Cigarettes After Sex came out in September and I loved it for the entire month until I made the mistake of showing it to somebody I should have never shared music with. Okay, that sounds bitter. All I wanna say is that a simple memory kind of ruined this song for me. Like most Cigarettes After Sex songs, it´s beautiful and slow and deep and romantic and I can´t wait to revisit it in some time.

I´ll Be Missing You by Diddy is a song I know word by word even though I had never listened to it before October? It was probably played up and down the radio when I was a child. Sometimes I wish I could retain Biology info as much as song lyrics. Other times I sit on the train without headphones and just play songs for myself in my mind.

I added the song Boyfriend by Tyler Cassidy to my playlist because it never fails to make me laugh. I´m listening to it right now and I´m laughing. This song is a full meme and I can´t get enough. I´m still laughing. Omg. Help. It´s so stupid but I love it. You gotta listen to it to understand. Or maybe you´ll listen to it without understanding and just shake your head at me with disappointment like my mom and Marlene did when I showed them this song. Sorry, not sorry.

I heard Push The Button by the Sugababes at a bowling alley two years ago and randomly found it in October. It´s from 2005 which makes it older than my brother and from the perfect time period to be considered a part of the Y2K revival.

(I doubt anyone is but if you´re waiting to see my amateur german rap taste you gotta either read a bit further or just scroll down.)

And now it´s Lana time. Happiness is a butterfly, hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me, and Cinnamon Girl touch me so freaking deeply. The lyrics. The simple background music. Her voice. THE LYRICS. I won´t go into details because I´ll end up looking like a sad boi again but oof.

Together by Amine is probably the beginning of what I call my new taste in music. Obviously I´d listened to music like this before but never to this extent. And yes, it´s basic, but yes, it gets worse. And how, you wonder?

Well, the next song in my playlist is 2 Minuten by Apache. Schlager als Deutschrap ór whatever they call it. I feel like a fourteen-year-old soccer player who exclusively wears Adidas sweats, an Antisocial Social Club hoodie, and red shoes. You guessed it: I feel like your average German fuckboy. But I´m lowkey enjoying it. The lyrics are both depressing and amusing because a) why would you write a song for a girl only to tell her that you literally don´t care about her at all and b) how is it that all these songs are repeatedly about the same thing without it getting boring?

Next on the list is Billie Holiday by Trettmann who is not, in fact, living la dolce vita in this song. Instead, he´s rather regretful and confused in this song. “Gib mir einen song den ich fühlen kann” sounds so lost and maybe I’m too sensitive for this genre of music but maybe it really is sad.

Cosmic Dancer by T.Rex offers a nice break from weird german lyrics via a soothing melody and simple-yet also confusing- lyrics. Is dancing a metaphor for something soon? Why would it be strange to start dancing at age 8?

Next is another Deutschrap hit that German fboys probably love. Again, this song is about not treating a girl right. Maybe I like these songs because I relate to them? I will never understand how these grown men have the audacity/pride to sing songs about how badly they treat girls, how much better they could get, and how little they care. It doesn´t make sense. If you don´t care, why would you write a full song about this? Why would you tell a girl not to forgive you because you don´t deserve it? Can somebody please explain the logic behind this to me? I´m seriously confused. While the song is called “Why do you do this to yourself?” (Wieso tust du dir das an)I can´t help but wonder why I´m doing it to myself too.

Next is my absolute favorite song to dramatically sing along to that Loui and I will 100% sing at a random Karaoke bar by June 2020 LATEST. Love on the Brain by Rihanna is that song. Over the course of the last months, I have filmed maybe ten videos of my singing along to this song because it´s been stuck in my mind for weeks. Baby, you got me like aaaAAAAaaaaaAAAa (whoo!)! You´re honestly lucky that I only upload them to my private Instagram account lol.

Okay. Ponny by Yung Hurn probably broke my earphones and also my mom´s car´s speakers but it´s fine because it was worth it. Honestly, the only way to listen to this song without listening to the dumb (but typical) lyrics is on full volume, and even then there is no way around “sorry sorry he da klebt was”.

Prettiest Virgin by Agar Agar, a French band (who would have guessed), offers another break and furtherly proves that I listen to every single genre of music. It´s groovy. The lyrics are a bit weird but they tell a story, and you know how much I love lyrics that tell stories. This song also reminds me of going out on my birthday so yeah fun times.

LOL. Next is Keine Liebe by RIN and I didn´t think I would have to say it again but this song is about a girl. This time it´s about how badly the girl treats the narrator (The plot thickens). Also, I feel like I should call Bausa out. In this song, Bausa, who blew up every 16er club party in like 2017 with his song “Was du Liebe nennst”, which is about him not wanting love (!!!!), is begging the girl character in Keine Liebe for love. Maybe I´m completely missing the point but wHAT is going on in the songwriters´ minds??

Next is Kein Problem by Apache. It´s not about girls and the lyrics are lowkey boring and, excuse my German, ausgelutscht. I get bored with them and so I aimlessly listen to this song for its beat or whatever when it shows up on shuffle.

Goody Grace released a song! It´s called Scumbag and features Blink 182. Imagine being so young and already having collabed with G-Eazy and Blink 182. Goody Grace is unstoppable. I saw him live in 2017 and it was amazing. Somebody tell him to come back to Cologne.

Stoned & Allein by Selmon is another German song. Obviously it’s about a girl being heartbroken or a failed relationship or whatever you want to call it but this time I really don´t mind because I heavily vibe with this song.

Okay now to my absolute favorite collab of all times. Pretty Little Fears by 6LACK and J. Cole. Firstly, wow. Their voices and vibes in one song: priceless. Secondly, the lyrics are beautiful and so it the entire song. I don´t know why this wasn´t in my main playlist because I´ve been listening to it for years but I guess we´ll call it a rediscovery.

Letdown by Carter is one of those songs I added into my playlist while I was sad and not listening to music concentratedly but I don´t regret adding it at all. It´s so chill and nice and soothing and calming. “Take a step back and just breathe”.

Party Up The Street by Miley Cyrus is unlike any song I´ve ever heard before. I put it on for the first time at like 5 am in an effort to stay awake instead of falling back asleep after turning off my alarm. It worked because this song is so damn interesting to listen to.

Blogger Bitch by NUGAT is both English and German and therefore literally me as a song. Jk. I didn´t know that I was the kind of person who could just listen to music without overanalyzing it but it´s so easy with songs like this. And it relaxes me so much.

AMOR by reezy and Yung Hurn. This song tints my world light purple. Probably because of the aesthetic of the cover. Again, the lyrics are boring and very typical but does it even matter? Does anything even matter at all?

Es geht dir gut by Mia Morgan is such a weird song. It sounds like something from the eighties. Her voice is so weird and the text is so simple yet the way she sings it just adds so much power and FUN. Find me dancing to this in my room like I´m from an 80s sitcom (big hair and hairbrush microphone and all).

Stop Playin´by THEY. is in my playlist because I don´t know why. I like it. That´s all. I´m also getting tired so my writing is probably wearing off oops. Bear with me.

Hit Me Where It Hurts: Somebody had this in their story and the title intrigued me. I love the lyrics. They remind me of a line I wrote in a poem once. They very much remind me of myself.

Meet me Halfway by the Black Eyed Peas walked so The Middle by Zedd could run.
Somebody tell me why I´ve had this song stuck in my mind?? I was singing along to this in my Math final and spoiler alert it did not help me out.

4 Your Eyez Only by J. Cole made me cry the first time I listened to it. think this song is too deep and personal for me to be writing about it online like this.

I serenaded Marlene with this song throughout our entire Brussels class trip, but Gefühl by Data Luv is so catchy and easy to serenade because he literally just repeats the same thing over and over again. Shawty kennst du das Gefühl das Gefühl das Gefühl das Gefühl das Gefühl das Gefühl das Gefühl das Gefühl?

Guys. Jessie Reyez killed it with Crazy. This song is everything. Melancholic and badass at the same time, I didn´t know it was possible but she did it. She really did it.

Hehe I´m pulling an Antonia move and ending this list with a Harry Styles song. The songs in here may be the beginning of a very weird new phase I don´t really want to be in, but the fact that I began this post with ABBA and am ending it with Harry Styles gives me hope that I´ll be out of this “germanrap” funk soon.

Watermelon Sugar. Enough said. Listen and weep and drool because it´s a random day in November and not a summer evening that tastes like strawberries.


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