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Take a look out the window. The sky is cloudy, the trees are slowly but surely turning orange, and the floor is scattered with brown leaves. This is not a drill: fall is here.

Fall itself might be full orange hues, but fall fashion? Is mostly as dark and gloomy as the sky; full of the same old grays, browns, navys, or blacks we pull out of our closets every year. I love all of these colors, but they´re a bit boring of a choice, don´t you think?

Welcome to This Season´s Guide to Color

Look 1: Forest Green

green mango

Look at the color. The neckline. It´s knit, which makes it warm and cozy, and it´s bright green, which makes it super cool and on trend, green being this year´s color of the year. The items I paired this sweater with are pretty basic: black skinny jeans, black croc-style boots (which I´ve just added to my fall wish list look at how gorgeous they are!), and, for the sporty ones amongst us, a black beanie to top it all off.

I could also picture this sweater being dressed up by replacing the jeans with a maxi skirt like this one, which is easily converted from summer to fall by just wearing (cropped) leggings underneath it for nobody to see. (or, you know, by wearing tights).

Look 2: Smart Yellow

mango yellow stripes

Who knew that a yellow sweater could look so preppy? Well, here´s your proof. It might get a bit cold around the neck, so make sure to always bundle up and bring a scarf wherever you go (!!).

I paired this sweater with a simple black denim skirt, basically the same skirt I wore here, a pair of badass chunky loafers, and a burgundy bag because all I see when looking at this sweater is going to uni, and what would uni be without a schoolbag?

For a warmth upgrade: wear tights or knee-high socks! (Try patterned tights/socks for an extra fun look).

Look 3: Sunset Color Block

asos stripes

Wear all the colors of a perfect fall sunset on your body with this ribbed long-sleeve. This is perfect for those cold days you know you´ll spend inside. It´s warm and covers most of your skin while still being light-weight and cute. Boom, all in all a perfect piece. And honestly, who doesn´t love stripes?

This outfit is one that I would happily wear to school, or to hang out with friends. Basically, this is the cute version of your typical “I don´t know what to wear so I´ll just throw on the most basic items of clothing I own and call it a day” look.

Look 4: It was all Yellow

mango yellow

This Mango sweater looks like  the perfect sweater to me. Long, big sleeves, a slight v-neck, and good length to either tuck it into jeans or wear it out. The knit is also dense enough for you to wear some layers underneath.

(There is an obvious pattern with me and layering. Yes, I am always cold. Even while writing this while bundled up in bed.)

The outfit I chose is the most “realistic” one for me personally, since I own both the jeans and the shoes I paired this sweater with. The sneakers I wear daily, and the UO jeans are my absolute favorite pair ever. Now all I need is that sweater! (And the girl´s hair. omg so beautiful).

Look 5: I couldn´t help it, it had to be you

asos chenille

In case you were confused about the title of this look, you should leave this site right now and watch Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again because this sweater s.c.r.e.a.m.s young Donna. (Let me prove it to you here).

I feel like wearing this would make my curls frizz-free, give me a beautiful singing voice, and a swedish sailor to dance with. Isn´t that all everyone is looking for in a sweater? In case that´s not the aesthetic you´re going for, read on.

To make this look a bit less Mamma Mia, and a bit more fall, I paired it with black mom jeans, Doc Martens, and some edgy jewelry.

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    really inspirational fashion blog! quite like your ideas n pictures, though could you imagine doing a men’s fashion review on the fall winter season 2018? would be extremely helpful!

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