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this number is no longer in your service feat. @jen.seitz

Here are some of the end-results of a collaboration between Jennifer and me, where we combined her photography with excerpts of my writing.
All excerpts are parts of larger pieces that will be published this summer.

The series of photographs follows a character going through the final stages of a break-up: the longing, the realization, the inevitable hatred for her lover, the acceptance of the bad nature of their relationship, and, finally, the overcoming of the things left unsaid she learns to move on, following her own terms. The protagonist is seen contemplating life and love while alone at home, unable to express her thoughts verbally, which is why they are presented through subtitle-esque text that allows the audience to build a relationship to the character through a communication of sentiments, rather than a communication of talk, as thoughts and things said often differ in honesty. The title of this series is “this number is no longer in your service”, a homage to the well-known automated phone message “this number is no longer in service” after the deletion of a phone number. The addition of “in your service” shows that the recipient of the call is making an active decision: she is not changing her phone number, she is changing her attitude.

She is not deleting her phone number; she is deleting the person.


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