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My Happy-Stuff

Happiness. Such a cute word, what does it remind you of? The word itself reminds me of Winnie The Pooh, of baby ducklings and huge dogs, or sunflowers and strawberry flavored hard-candy.

Sometimes, happiness misses it’s cue and comes a little later than you needed it, but there are things, special things,engraved in your heart, things that nobody can pull down, things that make you happy.                             Truly, Madly, Utterly, Deeply Happy.

Here is a list of things that make me Truly, Madly, Utterly, Deeply Happy.


-Taking walks with my dog and jamming out to my favorite tracks while having people look at me weirdly

-Not giving a damn about what people think

-Dancing in public with your friends

-Random notes on lockers

-Sending and receiving Postcards

-My Grandfather

-Dogs, all shapes and Sizes

-Flash Mobs

-Fangirling Publicly with your friends like no-ones watching

-Old Disney Movies

-When people get my Refernces

-Five Seconds of Summer

-Writing down all my thoughts

-Dancing alone in the rain to your own music

-Reading a book you loved in your childhood

-Catching a wiff of my moms perfume

-Finding the name of that song you loved ages ago and thought you’d forgot

-Reading through my old diaries and laughing at the things that seemed so dramatic back then

-Looking back at my time in Boarding School

-Keeping in Touch

-Reuniting with people you once called your best friends

-Letting everything out

-Little Kids laughing with their Parents

-French Cafés

-Jumping onto your bed after turning off the light in your room

-Hiding under your covers with a flashlight to read in secrecy

-Ticket Stubs

-Childhood Photoalbums

-Learning about your Family’s history

-Having a Crush on a Senior, knowing that it won’t happen anyways

-Making up code names for guys with your Best Friend

André,Werewolf,Abercrombie (Update: Redbull)

-First-Edition Books

-Old Love Letters

-Finding Treasures at TK-Maxx

-Writing Letters to nobody

-Vintage Mascara Tubes

-Waking up in the middle of the night and falling back to sleep

-Remembering your dreams and writing them down

-Hearing that one word out of your friends mouth and bursting out into laughter

-Awkward School Dances

-University Sweaters

-Capital Cities

-That one tube of lipgloss you’ve had since you were in fourth grade

-Cakes covered in Chocolate

-The smell of American Malls

-Connecting Memories with scents

-Jumping into puddles

-When your hair smells like salt

-The first Snowfall of the year

-The smell of sunscreen

-Watching someone talk about something they love

-Fetus One Direction Songs

-Praying everyday

-Lamps that look like Light Bulbs

-Getting excited for Christmas

-Making Plans for summer, and ending up not doing anything


-Scraping salt off your skin after a day at the beach

-Remembering Childhood Vacations

-A field of Wildflowers


-Making funny faces at babies or dogs

-Watching Nature 
I don’t mean sitting in your room and waiting for your plant to bloom, I mean actually watching nature. See how the wind blows through the trees, watch ants carry crumbs twice their size around and wonder how they do it, watch the clouds drifting through  the sky like the oceans’ foam. Get up early to watch the sunrise, and stay up to catch the sunset. Count the stars and make a wish at a shooting star.

Nature is such a magnificent thing. But we are too caught up in our own lives that we forget that there is life everywhere around us.

xoxo, Antonia

Song of the Post: Northern Lights- Jaymes Young


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