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The Killers, Wonderful Wonderful Tour 2018 in Cologne

On Monday, the 5th of March 2018, a dream of mine came true. I remember skyping with my friend about two years ago and him asking me which concerts I would like to go to. My first choice? “The Killers”. Two years later, the time came. I finally got to see one of my all-time favorite bands live! Funny enough, it was said friend that accompanied me.

It´s weird because I´m so used to my hair smelling like beer and cigarette smoke after my beloved club concerts, but not even a trace of any other scent but my hairspray´s clung on to my hair.

brandon flowers gucci.PNG

/Picture Credit: The Killers, Rob Laud/

The first thing I noticed when the curtain dropped was the amazing stage set-up. The next thing I noticed: “The Man” himself, Brandon Flowers. His energy was infectious.

/Picture Credit: Instagram/

I can´t decide which outfit I adore more: his Gucci blazer with multiple metallic-looking tigers adorning his back, or his full-on golden glitter metallic suit that I can´t even begin to fully describe. (Yes, the girl yelling “YAAS” when he walked out in it was me.)

Brandon Flowers voice is so recognizable, so powerful yet so melodic. It truly is one of the most versitile and beautiful singing voices I have ever heard.

The crowd was slow in the beginning, the only person really singing along and freaking out the man beside me, who powered through the entire concert with me. But as soon as they gave us some pink confetti and started playing “Somebody Told Me”, the crowd went absolutely wild. And from then on, it only got better.

I grew up listening to “Human” on the radio, singing alng to the song I found “annoying” back then, when I really had no clue who The Killers actually were. I would´ve never thought that I´d be a few meters away from stage, jumping, dancing and screaming my lungs out to the same song ten years later.

“I got soul but I´m not a soldier”

My throat still feels sore from singing along to my favorite songs, Mr. Brightside and All These Things That I´ve Done right up there. There is something so freeing about singing alongside 1,500 other people, it really made me realize that while I was singing along thinking about my own past, so was everyone else.

This concert was truly Wonderful Wonderful.

Do you know/like The Killers? What´s your favorite song of theirs? What kind of music do you listen to?


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