The best revenge is working on yourself. And while you should work on yourself, for yourself, a little inspiration in form of spite never hurts, right?

There is such liberation in letting go and releasing grudges. Now, releasing grudges doesn´t mean that you just ignore or forget that something happened. It simply means accepting that it did happen, and that it happened to you. You don´t have to forgive the person who hurt or betrayed you, you don´t have to think of them at all. Especially if you feel hurt or betrayed while just thinking of them.

Don´t give anyone the power to keep you occupied with thoughts about them and what they did, with thoughts about your past. You cannot change your past. You can stop if from controlling your future. Ignore getting even, or giving them a taste of their own medicine, don´t play their game. Invent your own game. Live by your own rules. Be happy. Be selfish. This isn´t about them anymore, this about you and your journey.

Whether you believe in karma, or destiny, or god, one thing stays certain: everyone gets what they give. It´s the law of attraction. Be happy, stay happy. And let the universe take care of the person you are successfully ignoring, they will get what they give.

What´s the point of lacking behind in your own life, while they are succeeding? What´s the point of ruining your mindset, of poisoning your thoughts with visions and flashbacks of them? There is none. You have every right to live on the same way they are living on.

The best revenge is self-love. The best revenge is not caring about what others think, not trying so hard to impress them and learning that you are worth so much more than you, or they, might think. Let them think whatever they want, while you think positively and kindly.

This isn´t about showing someone else what they are missing out on, this about showing yourself what you could have missed out on. Live life in a constant state of growth. Live life in a constant state of discovering and learning and loving. Most importantly loving yourself and the people who love you and accept you for whoever you are.

Stop going crazy over what others are doing that you aren’t or can´t (which, by the way, you can!) and start going crazy for what you want to do. Go outside, take a walk, look at those wildflowers and smell the fresh air. This life is so grand if we only take the time to discover it.

Think of something you´ve always really wanted to do. Or something you just found out about and really want to do. And guess what I´m going to tell you next? Go and do it! And if you can´t right away, research! Find classes find Instagram accounts or pin-boards dedicated to it, ask friends or family if they know anything that could help you. Reach out to people, get inspired. And start loving life again.

Repeat after me: I cannot change my past. I can accept it, and I can stop it from controlling my future. And I will love myself.

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