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    It was rainy and cold, and we clung on to our small umbrella as we walked through the slick streets of Cascais after a lunch at one of those tourist restaurants; menus in several languages, waiters annoyed and always preoccupied, food not the best, when we stumbled upon this bakery. Immediately it´s warm glow drove us in and we entered through the doors, welomed by the warm scent of pastries, baked goods, and macarons. Christina and I both chose a large macraon each, chocolate and pistachio. They tasted like a well-deserved hug back in our hotel room. The next day, we went back after breakfast to buy another chocolate macaron…

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    Our hotel is located right next to the city center of Lisbon, one side street away from the main shopping street, and the view is amazing! It´s close enough for it to be located in a calm area surrounded by cute local-seeming restaurants (nothing compared to the restaurants on the main street with their annoying waiters that literally run after you to offer you drinks) but still very present in the city bustling. The weather today was increadibly gorgeous, we walked around exploring shops and a few tourist-destinations and saw a lot of street musicians and artists, which was really beautiful. These balconies remind me of the ones I see…

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    Portugal Day 1: Cascais

    We spent our first day in Cascais exploring the city, just walking around, eating food that was sold to us as traditional Portuguese food (Not sure if it was a tourist scam or not, but it was very fish-based, so it feels right to call it Portuguese?), eating Churros (not very Portuguese), and discovering the sweet city.

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    Vacation Shop: What I´m packing for Portugal

    Spring break is coming up and this year, I´m traveling to Portugal with a very good friend of mine (Who you´ll most likely get to know on here during my trip!). Here´s a confession: I`m an overpacker. Her parents and us two girls makes us a group of four. We´re sharing one big suitcase, which me and Christina get a half of, and each of us will take a carry-on suitcase into the plane. Do the math: I won´t have a lot of space. Truly, I don´t mind it too much. I´m just thankful and excited to go on this trip! If that means taking less clothes, fine by me!…