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    Beach Please

    Hi lovelies! Since it´s currently raining and dreary outside my window, I thought I´d soothe some of my summer cravings by looking back to my last time on a beach. These pictures were taken on a trip to Scheveningen/Den Haag a while back (as in september last year…oops). The sun was out and so beautiful, but the water was freezing. I can´t believe there were actual people surfing (my brother and his friends included!). I can´t wait to finally visit a beach again once spring starts showing itself this year 🙂 Have a great day! Antonia

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    Los Angeles & San Francisco Travel Diary/Photography

    LA & SF Traveldiary + Photography    LA & SF Traveldiary/Photography About a week ago (week ago week ago) me and my dad went on a trip to LA and San Francisco. We landed at LAX and stayed in Costa Mesa for two days, spending most of our time discovering LA, though. The hour long commute through all kinds of traffic jams was totally worth it! Finding out that LA does not, in fact, have a the traditional downtown thing going on, I loved walking (and drving, lots of driving) around and finding cool places to eat and people watch (one of my favorite past-times on vacation).   San Francisco,…

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    My Happy-Stuff

    Happiness. Such a cute word, what does it remind you of? The word itself reminds me of Winnie The Pooh, of baby ducklings and huge dogs, or sunflowers and strawberry flavored hard-candy. Sometimes, happiness misses it’s cue and comes a little later than you needed it, but there are things, special things,engraved in your heart, things that nobody can pull down, things that make you happy.                             Truly, Madly, Utterly, Deeply Happy. Here is a list of things that make me Truly, Madly, Utterly, Deeply Happy. -Forget-Me-Not’s -Taking walks with my dog and jamming out to my favorite…