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    Hellooo honeys (get it? ha) I liked my outfit from a couple days ago so much that I took too many pictures of it that would ruin my Instagram feed if I were to post them all. So here we are pretending I´m a fashion blogger as a justification to post these pictures because, hey, I´m also really indecisive and want all of these posted somewhere. And what better place than my own website, right? I actually got quite a few questions regarding my shoes and sweater (which by the way match each other AND the wall, yeah, get on my level) and I´m sorry to say that my crew…

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    School ended a week ago and to be honest I haven´t really been following my study plan, BUT I have been doing a lot of other things that I´m super happy and proud of! 1. I have a job! And coworkers! And I am making my own money! It feels so good to be responsible like this, and I know a bunch of people my age have been working for a while and that I might be a bit late with it, but i´m still proud of myself. Working has changed my view of money so drastically. Everytime I spend money know I calculate how many hours I would have…

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      Hi lovelies! I wore this outfit to the beach on a very cloudy, moody day. It rained early in the morning, so I brought a thrifted black sweatshirt jacket, a scarf, and my beloved leather jacket with me. But when we arrived at the beach after a tranquil one hour-long car ride, the universe was on our side and the sky cleared up. The sun began to shine, and it got warm enough for me to peel off my three layers of warmth and wear only the top (Brandy Melville) and the trousers (also Brandy Melville). My shoes were left with the pile of my clothes as I took…

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    Your guide to White Sneakers

    White sneakers. They´ve been around forever, you probably own a (few) pair/s. I know I own several pairs that I wear pretty much daily. What cooler way to update your spring wardrobe than with a crisp pair of white sneakers? There´s so many different styles to pick from, that choosing your next favorite shoe can be a bit overcoming, so without further ado: Here´s my guide to white sneakers!

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    Early Spring

      Spring is finally here! The first two months of the year feel like the slowest and hardest to get through, but afterwards you think back and it´s like “wow so much time has passed”. I can´t wait for all the beautiful things to unfold this year. From flowers and greens to friendships and relationships or events and prosperity in school. So much good is coming our way, can you feel it in the wind? Smell it in the streets? Keep working hard and loving unconditionally, kindness will always be rewarded, even in the hardest of times. Saturday was a surprisingly warm day, which was great because I had an…