Spending your Sunday in bed with some Netflix (the new season of On My Block is out!!) and a bag of chips is easy, but imagine all the productive things you could do with your time instead!

Think about it, Sunday is the only day of the week where you technically have no obligations. Sure, there´s church for some, but after that? Shops are closed, most of your friends are probably sleeping in/ hung over from the night before. So what´s holding you back from making the most of your Sunday? Reclaim it!

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”

My typical weekend starts Friday night. Going out with friends, having sleepovers: On Fridays I don´t do any work, I simply have fun. Saturdays are often the same. And Sundays? Up until a few weeks ago I spent my Sundays aimlessly walking through my house, endlessly scrolling through my phone, watching YouTube videos I didn´t even care for, and diving deep into Netflix or Sunday re-runs on TV. But then I realized what a waste of time that is. And then I changed my routine. And here´s how you can change yours:

The first thing you should do after waking up is getting up. Sounds weird? But let´s be honest, how many mornings do you spend in bed, endlessly scrolling through Instagram or checking the same three apps? And how much time do you think you´re wasting? I feel like it may be a lot for some of us. So: get up. Put on some music! Stretch, wash your face, brush your teeth. Open your window, walk the dog, get some fresh air. AND MAKE YOUR BED!

For those of us who eat it, breakfast is next. Sunday is your free day, you´ve got the time to make yourself something good. Fuel your body with fruit, protein, energy! Healthy food will energize you and prepare you for your day (and week!), while salty, fatty food will only tire your body, which will lead to you wasting your sunday away in your bed. Which is the opposite of what we want. Need some breakfast inspiration? Click here!

Nobody knows what you´ve gotta do but you, so I can´t really tell you what to put on your to-do list, but what I can tell you is this: make one! During the week, I use my bullet-planner to write down my daily to-dos, on weekend days I write one out on a separate piece of paper. Don´t shy away of making the tasks simple, just make sure to follow through with them all. I find that writing down specific things helps so much more. Example: write down the exact pages you want to work through instead of just writing down “study”. Your goal will seem and BE so much more attainable, and there´s no way of cheating yourself out of it! My to-do list yesterday contained super simple gems such as: don´t eat ice cream, walk the dog, get schoolbag out of car. And I did all of it, plus the bigger, “actually important” things. Ticking off all the boxes while you´re going through your day is the most satisfying thing ever!

Here´s a list of things you can do if you don´t know what to do:

  • Take a walk, organize your thoughts, clear your head with some fresh air. Preferably a sunset walk. Those are the best.
  • Take the time to talk to someone you love. Call them, text them. It´s so easy to lose touch.
  • Clean your room/bathroom/house. It´s annoying but someone´s got to do it and if you really don´t know what else to do, this one is pretty productive.
  • Read a book! A real, paper book. And not one that´s an english assignment. Read for personal enjoyment, I dare you. (Gonna post a list of my favorite books soon, stay tuned!)

I have come to love working out, and (to me at least) there is no better feeling than that of sore muscles. I love running, rowing, and HIIT workouts, but Yoga and as of new, Pilates, are so great too. You might prefer them on Sundays, for relaxing and unwinding and such. Again, you have all hours of the day. Don´t limit yourself to your usual weekday times, excercise for as long as you possibly can!

Whenever you find yourself not knowing what to do, turn to your to-do list. Don´t let boredom get the best of you. This Sunday is all yours,

Reclaim it!

xoxo Antonia


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