Portugal Day 1: Cascais

We spent our first day in Cascais exploring the city, just walking around, eating food that was sold to us as traditional Portuguese food (Not sure if it was a tourist scam or not, but it was very fish-based, so it feels right to call it Portuguese?), eating Churros (not very Portuguese), and discovering the sweet city.

Our hotel is right in the hotel district, so I´m sure that we´ll see more the historic side of the city, and maybe even go to a beach today, depending on the weather.

The sun shone super brightly yesterday (which was beautiful), but the air was very fresh and cool, so I kept my jacket and scarf on for the most time.

Pretty streets!

We didn´t even touch the sand, but I was so happy to be even close to a beach again. A bunch of locals were in bikinis and one actually went into the water, but we were too cold haha

This carousel looked cooler in black and white, but it had the cutest blush pink color. A vintage-lover´s dream! We found it at this flee-market seeming market, where we also got our churros.


Palm trees are so gorgeous, I keep wondering why we don´t have any in Germany. Then I remember: Germany is cold and gray and it´s very possible that it´s currently snowing back home.


The food is so great in Portugal. I could eat Mediterranean food forever!






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