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        The ocean calls to me. In the most absurd way, because I’m terrified of it. Did you know that more than 70% of the ocean is yet to be discovered by humans? We have no idea of what‘s down here. Hell, we know more about space than we do about our own oceans. There’s movies, photoshopped pictures, horror stories of people being attacked by sharks or drowning. There’s so much to fear. And yet I can’t contain the urge to be in the water. I can’t go in deep yet. My heart rate speeds up so much and I begin to panic. “In surfing, fear is healthy. Panic…

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    Suburbia: The Moodboard

    “Suburbia is more than a place. It is a shade of blue, a tint of orange. A heat in autumn winds, come from far places for this moment. It is leaves rustling in the trees, the sound of children laughing in the distance. It is the scent of homemade food on Sundays, and evening walks under the sunset lit sky. It is headlights passing your window late at night and finding empty liquor bottles and cigarette stubs in the damp grass next to forgotten benches. Outsiders are rare but welcome to unite in streets lined with tidy front yards. Suburbia is home, but Suburbia is more than a place. Suburbia…

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    Take a look out the window. The sky is cloudy, the trees are slowly but surely turning orange, and the floor is scattered with brown leaves. This is not a drill: fall is here. Fall itself might be full orange hues, but fall fashion? Is mostly as dark and gloomy as the sky; full of the same old grays, browns, navys, or blacks we pull out of our closets every year. I love all of these colors, but they´re a bit boring of a choice, don´t you think? Welcome to This Season´s Guide to Color Look 1: Forest Green Look at the color. The neckline. It´s knit, which makes it…

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    Amsterdam is a city I´ve honestly only ever seen on Instagram or Tumblr, which is weird, since I technically live only a few hours away. Living in Europe is so cool, travel distances are mostly short and there is no hassle with money exchange or passports, but to find the time to travel to places, even if they´re only three hours away, is difficult sometimes. This is why we decided to visit Amsterdam. But only for a day. I spent nine hours in Amsterdam, and this is everything I did.