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    young love

    The first time I fell in love was in second grade. A new boy joined our class, he was half mexican and I remember sitting behind him on the carpet as my homeroom teacher read us a book, looking at the back of his head, and thinking “I love this boy.” I must have been six or seven years old. Love to me was Troy and Gabriella dancing in the rain, it was Cinderella and Prince Charming´s “So This is Love”. Love was my grandparents and their forever kind of marriage, it was my parents who weren´t married but had two children and a house and kissed each other. Love…

  • Life


    “You learn a few things when you get to my age. Like friends don’t lie and it all tastes the same in the dark” -The 1975, Give Yourself a Try The 1975 is one of those bands I was never a die-hard fan of, but was always listening to. When this song came up in a recommended Spotify playlist (this is why I love Spotify over Apple Music, but that’s a whole other story) this lyric stuck with me. The song itself is a reflection of growing older, off their album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships. The band´s lead singer Matty Healy is 30 years old. That’s thirteen years…

  • Fashion


    School ended a week ago and to be honest I haven´t really been following my study plan, BUT I have been doing a lot of other things that I´m super happy and proud of! 1. I have a job! And coworkers! And I am making my own money! It feels so good to be responsible like this, and I know a bunch of people my age have been working for a while and that I might be a bit late with it, but i´m still proud of myself. Working has changed my view of money so drastically. Everytime I spend money know I calculate how many hours I would have…

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    19419 / WHAT I EAT IN A DAY

    I hope your day was amazing, productive, and relaxing! Don´t worry if it´wasn´t, it´s okay to take a break sometimes. Just don´t get stuck in them! For today´s post I thought I´d show you what I ate to nourish and love my body today. I don´t always eat perfectly healthy, or make my food look pretty, but I do it pretty often and maybe this will inspire you to do the same. Some days I just eat whatever I want. I had a huge bowl of pasta at, like, midnight on Tuesday. It´s all about balance! It´s easier to give in to a craving (we all have them, sweet or…

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    Spending your Sunday in bed with some Netflix (the new season of On My Block is out!!) and a bag of chips is easy, but imagine all the productive things you could do with your time instead! Think about it, Sunday is the only day of the week where you technically have no obligations. Sure, there´s church for some, but after that? Shops are closed, most of your friends are probably sleeping in/ hung over from the night before. So what´s holding you back from making the most of your Sunday? Reclaim it!