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    School ended a week ago and to be honest I haven´t really been following my study plan, BUT I have been doing a lot of other things that I´m super happy and proud of! 1. I have a job! And coworkers! And I am making my own money! It feels so good to be responsible like this, and I know a bunch of people my age have been working for a while and that I might be a bit late with it, but i´m still proud of myself. Working has changed my view of money so drastically. Everytime I spend money know I calculate how many hours I would have…

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    19419 / WHAT I EAT IN A DAY

    I hope your day was amazing, productive, and relaxing! Don´t worry if it´wasn´t, it´s okay to take a break sometimes. Just don´t get stuck in them! For today´s post I thought I´d show you what I ate to nourish and love my body today. I don´t always eat perfectly healthy, or make my food look pretty, but I do it pretty often and maybe this will inspire you to do the same. Some days I just eat whatever I want. I had a huge bowl of pasta at, like, midnight on Tuesday. It´s all about balance! It´s easier to give in to a craving (we all have them, sweet or…

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    Spending your Sunday in bed with some Netflix (the new season of On My Block is out!!) and a bag of chips is easy, but imagine all the productive things you could do with your time instead! Think about it, Sunday is the only day of the week where you technically have no obligations. Sure, there´s church for some, but after that? Shops are closed, most of your friends are probably sleeping in/ hung over from the night before. So what´s holding you back from making the most of your Sunday? Reclaim it!

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    I hope this first month of the year has brought you joy, new beginnings, and prosperity. I hope you´ve had the chance to power through your resolutions. I hope you remembered to write 2019 instead of 2018 in the corners of your papers. Here are the songs I listened to this month, with explanations as to why I loved them. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to add your favorite songs to the list in the comments section of this post. August- 4rif I started listening to this song in the very last days of 2018, when Malak introduced me to it. It wasn´t special to me at first and so…

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    Eating healthy sounds and look so difficult. Just look up healthy breakfast on Pinterest and you´ll be bombarded with aesthetic pictures of perfect, fresh looking bowls and fruits and smoothies. Green, orange, pink. The more colorful, the better. (I actually apply this rule, as long as the color is natural and not artificial). My point is that all those pictures look like they took a lot of work, which they probably did to create this sense of perfectionism and health-food superiority that is so widely spread. In realtiy, it´s not that hard to live a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy, fresh food is good for your body. It gives you the…