My Go-To Jewelry

I wear jewelry pretty much on a daily basis. My grandfather is a goldsmith, so my entire family values “real” jewelry, gold or silver.

I mostly wear silver, but have been getting into gold jewelry more and more, especially statement earrings. Read on to find out all about my favorite day-to-day pieces!

Most of my jewelry is actually made by my grandfather, or has been gifted to me. So the products you’ll find in the “shop this look” box will be similars, not exact.

My Necklaces:

1. The pearl necklace was a gift from my mom, who had gotten it from her mother. I would love to pass it own to my own daughter one day. My mom gave it to me to wear at her wedding last summer, and I’ve been wearing it ever since. (Lucky for you, I found a very similar necklace for under 100$ here)

2. The second necklace is not fully by my grandfather. It’s a coin, a 25 cent (quarter?) from Poultney, Vermont. I spent an entire summer there in 2016, learning Spanish at a camp. It’s one of my favorite experiences ever and I met so many wonderful people that I still talk to today. Me and one of the girls I was closest to, Sarah, found this coin in the only souvenir shop the small town had, and bought it as a sort of “friendship token”. Not only did the coin have a picture of a Vermont theme on it, but it’s also from the year 2001, which is both of our birth years. So it’s perfect in every single way. I love wearing it because it reminds me of my time there, and because it looks really cool. I get a lot of questions about it.

My Bracelets

1. My first bracelet is one that i feel like everyone and their mom has haha. It’s the typical Tiffany & Co. chain bracelet, and I got it on the day of my sixteenth birthday. It’s so classy and elegant, but that in a really effortless way.

2. This bangle used to be my mom’s and again, she gave it to me to wear at her wedding. Wearing it makes me feel really close to her, because I always think of her wearing it when she was my age.

3. Not visible in the pictures, but I always wear this blue beaded stone bracelet my brother  gave me on my left wrist. I´m pretty sure it´s the first gift he ever bought for me from his own money, and when he gave it to me he told me he got it for me bcause “it matches my´eyes”. Guys, I melted.

My Ring

1. The simple ring I´m wearing on my right ring finger was also a gift. My great grandmother made it and my mother picked it out when she was younger. What I love most about it is how it adds a very classy touch to any look. Another thing that´s great about it is the fact that it is both silver and gold, which means I can wear it with any other piece of jewelry I own. (I was tought to not mix metals haha)

As you probably noticed, I only wear jewelry that has extreme sentimental and emotional value to me. It lets me feel connected to my family and friends, and also to myself, since I wear it pretty much everyday and it now somewhat belongs to me. When I go out to a concert or club, I tend to not wear much of this jewelry because I´m terrified of losing it.

Do you have any favorite pieces of jewelry? Tell me their stories!




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