Alexa don´t play “Mask Off” by Future unless you want to put bad ideas into our heads.

I left my house for the first time in weeks to run errands with my parents and took the opportunity to take a few fit pics which I don´t want to spam my insta with 🙂

My jeans are vintage Diesel, my shirt is my dad´s (I think? Sometimes I randomly find men´s shirts in my closet without knowing where I got them from so if you´re one of my guy friends and are missing a basic black shirt hit me up? I guess?), the bag is Topshop, the shoes are Nike and the glasses used to be my mom´s but I stole them from her so they´re mine now. Oh! And the most important part of the look: my mask, which I sewed and painted myself (and am so proud of haha).

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