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Los Angeles & San Francisco Travel Diary/Photography

LA & SF Traveldiary + Photography 

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LA & SF Traveldiary/Photography

About a week ago (week ago week ago) me and my dad went on a trip to LA and San Francisco. We landed at LAX and stayed in Costa Mesa for two days, spending most of our time discovering LA, though. The hour long commute through all kinds of traffic jams was totally worth it! Finding out that LA does not, in fact, have a the traditional downtown thing going on, I loved walking (and drving, lots of driving) around and finding cool places to eat and people watch (one of my favorite past-times on vacation).


San Francisco, well that´s a whole other story. After our two day stay in LA, we took a road trip (honestly, not as cool as in the movies/music videos, but maybe that´s because I wasn´t with my besties) up to San Francisco!

The drive was supposed to be about eight hours long, if I´m remembering correctly, but we stayed with a good friend of mine in Santa Barbara, which is I guess about halfway to SF, so that broke up the travel time, and I had to much fun seeing Julia again, she´s such a treasure.

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SF is a beautiful, big city, full of cute Victorian-style houses and a few, just the right amount, of sky scraperws and apartment buildings and a bunch of people. So, so many people, so many inspiring people.

But, San Francisco stays a city of contrasts. On one side, high-end shops and unneccesarily loud sports cars line the streets, you walk another block and are shocked at the numbers of tents on the sidewalks, or are in the middle of a gloomy sidestreet, or suddenly in a park-like area.

Surprisingly, Mr Holmes Bakehouse, an instagram famous bakery place you probably know from pictures similar to mine (below), was a half-a-minute walk away from our hotel, so that´s where we got our first breakfast. And trust me, it was delicious. And with that, definitely worth the hype. (And I´m not usually one for sweet breakfasts, just saying)

We also visited Ghiradelli Square, which is small and beautiful and close to the Fishermans Wharf but so different. While the Wharf is full of energy and street food and people and tourist shops and restaurants (I tried crab for the first time, and it was so good!), while Ghiradelli Square is small and calm and smells like chocolate, not fish.

Enough rambling, time for more pictures!

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