I hope this first month of the year has brought you joy, new beginnings, and prosperity. I hope you´ve had the chance to power through your resolutions. I hope you remembered to write 2019 instead of 2018 in the corners of your papers.

Here are the songs I listened to this month, with explanations as to why I loved them. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to add your favorite songs to the list in the comments section of this post.

August- 4rif

I started listening to this song in the very last days of 2018, when Malak introduced me to it. It wasn´t special to me at first and so it took a few days and experiences to fully listen and feel the lyrics, and now I love this song so much. The vibe, the mood, the message, the lyric video you can find on YouTube. It´s all beautiful in combination. Listen to this song while watching the sky as the sun sets.

"When we found each other
It was like a movie
We locked our eyes
Had our hearts in sync
I loved you
I didn't have to love you"

Dancing in the dark- Joji

Recommended to me by another friend, this song made me feel like I was floating the first time I heard it. Trust me, this song will make you feel as if you were on cloud nine, and that without all the complications that love brings with it.

"You done made up your mind, I don´t need no more signs"

Afterblunts- Shy Lennox

This is a sad song. Beware of Frank Ocean vibes.

More than 714 miles and this song still reached my phone. I picture spanish sunsets when I think of it. Endings can be pretty too, but they usually aren´t.

Lookalike- Connan Gray

This is the kind of song you have to listen to with your earphones (or air pods lol happy 2019) with your eyes closed. My favorite part may be the ending, where Gray replaces a few, simple words, but ultimately changes the entire meaning of the song.

"When we met eyes, it’s like a movie line"

"Can't redo what's already done
Can’t compete ’cause I've already won
Sayin’ this time, "It's really love"
But honey, you're not fooling anyone
Don't you know we’re done?"

"And I'll admit that I sometimes, maybe, might
Think about you at night, well, almost every night
No matter how I try to hide
And erase you from my mind
I'm dying
To find a lookalike"

Work Out- J. Cole

Listened to this in the back of an Uber on my way to Dubai airport and I liked it. The lyrics aren´t beautiful, they don´t have any meaning to me beyond the fact that they´re very generic and… male? If that makes sense? This song is fuckboy´s anthem with a good beat. Simple as that x

Find You- Nick Jonas

I don´t know why my twelve-year-old self thought that Joe Jonas was the cutest out of all three brothers (must´ve been that justin bieber-esque hairstyle he wore in camp rock lol), but I was wrooong! Nick is the true catch, but he´s married now so all that´s left for us to fangirl over is his music, which i´m not complaining about because it´so good. “Find You” is so easy-going and fun, a little generic but has lyrics unique and pretty enough to not get annoying by the second time you listen to it. It´s very beachy, which everyone knows I love 🙂

"I look for you in the center of the sun
I took a pill but it didn't help me numb
I see your face even when my eyes are shut
But I never really know just where to find you
I chase the words that keep falling out your mouth
You got a logic I'll never figure out
If I could hold you then I'd never put you down"

I Hate This Part- The Pussycat Dolls

Shoutout to Sarah who showed me this song while we were talking about nostalgic music. Though I´d never heard this song before, I´ve been listening to it on repeat for days. There´s just something about it. Songs don´t sound like this anymore.

"Now we ain't talked since we left, it's so overdue
It's cold outside, but between us, it's worse in here"

"The world slows down
But my heart beats fast right now
I know this is the part
Where the end starts"

"All we do is linger
Slipping through our fingers
I don't wanna try now
All that's left's good-bye"

Cola- Camelphat, Elderbrook

So much love for this style of music, even though I wouldn´t know what to call it. All I see is summer nights spent doing things you´re not supposed to.

"See how she looks for trouble
See how she dances and
She sips the coca cola
She can’t tell the difference yet"

Headphones- Oliver Francis

This song reminds me of something that I experienced right at the beginning of 2019. Listening to the lyrics for the first time when this showed up in one of my Spotify radios hit me like a truck.

"Listening to songs all sad and slow,
I found you in a cold abyss
And you were all alone
I was in the wrong
I was fucked up and jaded
I really wanna stay but I gotta go
But tell me how you feel again
The depth of your love
The things that you want"

"I know that you don't
Give up so easily, no
It feels like you're letting go
We've got no room left to grow
You know I've been there before"


Hi I´m obsessed with Cuco. He´s absolutely the coolest, cutest music-making dude out there, and his music is so. unique. This song´s flow is incredible and dreamy that I can´t help but smile when I hear it. It makes me want to dance but I don´t know how you would dance to it, so I just sway along and it does the trick.

"I don't think I’m meant to be with you
I don't wanna make you sad
All the time just feeling bad
Girl, don't make me fall in love with you
I don't think I'm right for you
I’m just disappointing you

Lonely nights like these you just stumble in my head
And I’m wondering what you’re doing
And why maybe I'm not dead
The thought of you still kills me
I know I’m a stupid guy
Looking back at my mistakes, I fucked up a million times"

Midsummer Madness- 88risings

This song is raw and about love. My favorite kind. It tells a story that sounds intimate and personal, yet is still relatable to many. I don´t even know what genre I would call this song, because there´s so many elements to it. Listen for yourself.

"Been a minute since I heard you wanna stay as friends
I learned from my mistakes, you make me want to learn again
I don't really see the problem, it's a risk I wanna take
You say "Let's see where it goes" but I don't really wanna wait"

Alcatraz- Oliver Riot

More beach side music I love. This is part of the soundtrack for my favorite daydream, owning a small, homey cafe in a sleepy beach town somewhere.

"Moving out west, things got lonely
Trying my best, nobody showed me
Which way to go, I didn’t know"

Chills- Charlie Wilson

“If the love doesn´t feel like 90´s r&b I don´t want it” Basically: this song was released in 2017 but sounds like it wasn´t.

"Had me feeling like a kid again
Always talking about you to my friends
That's how I know it's real
You give me chills"

party favor- Billie Eilish

I like this because it sounds all cute and romantic but the lyrics are actually about a break up. It´s formatted as a voice mail Billie is leaving for a boy who

a) asks her to stay but ultimately pushes her away

""Stay" and "blah blah blah"
You just want what you can't have
No way
I'll call the cops
If you don't stop, I'll call your dad"

b) doesn´t call/text back regularly

"Hey - call me back when ya get this
Or when you've got a minute
We really need to talk
Wait - you know what?
Maybe just forget it
'Cause by the time you get this
Your number might be blocked"

and c) treats her as a “party favor” – only caring for her or even showing interest when she´s around him or he´s in a ~party mood~

""It's not you it's me" and all that other bullshit
You know that's bullshit
Dontcha, babe
I'm not your party favor"

(sound familiar?)

Honorable Mentions

A list of songs that I added to my playlist this month that are a bit different to the ones I´ve already mentioned and don´t match the vibe of the playlist

  • Major Tom- Peter Schilling // this is ones of the most energetic songs I know
  • Take My Breath Away- Berlin // the epitome of rom-com music
  • Maneater- Nelly Furtado // “wish you never ever met her at all”
  • Maneater- Daryl Hall & John Oates // a classic, “she´s sitting with you but watching the door, so many have paid for what you think you´re getting for free, watch out boy she´ll chew you up”
  • Turn Back The Clock- Johnny Hates Jazz // another rom-com sounding song oops
  • Rich Girl- Daryl Hall & John Oates // this song was originally written about a guy (who knows that it´s about him) which makes this song a major subtweet, which means that i´m down for it. The guy that is being addressed someone who´s had everything in life handed to him due to his parent´s wealth. “it´s so easy to hurt others when you can´t feel pain”

 Happy February everyone! xo

p.s.: thanks for the cover pic dad xxx


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