Hellooo honeys (get it? ha)

I liked my outfit from a couple days ago so much that I took too many pictures of it that would ruin my Instagram feed if I were to post them all. So here we are pretending I´m a fashion blogger as a justification to post these pictures because, hey, I´m also really indecisive and want all of these posted somewhere. And what better place than my own website, right?

I actually got quite a few questions regarding my shoes and sweater (which by the way match each other AND the wall, yeah, get on my level) and I´m sorry to say that my crew neck is actually not mine but my moms from like twenty years ago and is therefore not available anymore BUT pastels are making a huge comeback right now so I´m sure it´s not too hard to find a similar one. My shoes are Nike Air Force Shadows in the colorway Pale Ivory which is sadly not available at the moment but there are other options that are just as cute which I have also linked below in case you´re interested!

Okay enough of the wannabe fashion blogger talk. I hope you have a nice dayyy!

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