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I turned eighteen in October (I’m now legal everywhere but Dubai and the US ayyy) and decided to throw a Halloween party, my last chance to dress up before adulthood hits. Just kidding. I have more fun dressing up now than I did as a kid.

Because I wanna be Sydney Carlson so bad I decided to use my birthday gift card to buy three film rolls and a disposable camera. And because my dad is the tech-savvy man he is, we found his old film cameras in our attic and lo and behold they still work! Shoutout to dm for not messing up my order or any of my pictures!! If you wanna see me of my ~film photography~ feel free to check out my new Instagram account: @tonisarchive, because apparently you can´t shoot film without needing a whole account for the pictures (I´m looking at you @sar_jpg)(I´m just playing ilyy).

Scroll down to see a bunch of blurry, messy, and fun-laden pictures that were taken by me and my friends on a very blurry, messy, and fun-laden night. Enjoy the show xx

Thank you to everybody who made the night so memorable, the guy that helped me clean up the all the beer botle glass from the floor, my parents who allowed fifty people to party in their living room, and Max and Demir who were almost as breit as a real türsteher. And a special thank you to Harry Styles for existing lmao.

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