Early Spring



Spring is finally here! The first two months of the year feel like the slowest and hardest to get through, but afterwards you think back and it´s like “wow so much time has passed”. I can´t wait for all the beautiful things to unfold this year. From flowers and greens to friendships and relationships or events and prosperity in school. So much good is coming our way, can you feel it in the wind? Smell it in the streets? Keep working hard and loving unconditionally, kindness will always be rewarded, even in the hardest of times.

Saturday was a surprisingly warm day, which was great because I had an event to go to in the city. My coat (mentioned here) is perfect for this kind of weather because of its shearling collar, which does so much in keeping you warm. I wore a relatively thin v-neck sweater underneath and a pair of Polo jeans are super comfortable because of their “loose” cut around the slightly cropped ankles. I love my shoes, although platform shoes are always a bit hard to get used to. (Outfit details below!)


Jacket /Bag /Shoes/Jeans (similar) /Sweater (similar)

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