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Hi everyone!

Since we´re (slowly but surely) moving from winter into the spring season, I´ve been browsing through some websites for new styles and inspiration. I don´t think I´ve ever shopped anything at Mango, but after seeing their dreamy campaign on instagram, I just knew I had to check out their site for the upcoming spring&summer months!

Here are a few of my favorite styles!


The deep blue indigo color just screams summer and spring to me, and eventhough purple and green are Pantone´s colors of the year, blue will never go out of style. This blouse can be worn with jeans and skirts, dressed up with heels or dressed down with sneakers (or sandals, if the weather allows).

Frayed Jeans

I´ve been on the look-out for “different” jeans styles, and I love the frayed details on these jeans along with the cut of them, I don´t think I own jeans that aren´t skinny jeans.

Bamboo Bag

I love this so much! Not only does it look like something from a dreamy french movie, but it also looks like a mini picnic bag! What more could I ask for?

I´ve been going on and on about bags like these to my friends, and I love the picnic-meets-saddle bag look of this one.


This skirt is so versitile. I see myself wearing it with shirts and tank-tops in the summer, and sweaters and tights in the colder months. This could be perfectly styled with any shoe, too!

Striped Hemmed Jeans

I tried  scrolling past these THREE times, but I´m just so in love with these jeans! Just imagine what those vertical lines would do to my figure, urgh! I need them in my closet! Again this piece is perfectly transitionable and versitile, and I already have multiple outfits built around the jeans in my mind.


        Sunglasses / Shoes

These two pieces are more “Summer on an Island” than “Spring in Germany”, but I love the vibe they give off. I´ve never tried on shoes like these, but I´ve been loving the look of slippers, and look at those details! I´ve had shades in the same color, and they really suited my hair, but clumsy me lost them 🙁 I´ll definitely be on the look-out for pairs like these! I´m not sure if I have a sunglasses face, though.

Any tips on how (AND WHERE) to find the perfect pair of sunglasses?

Check out Mango´s website to find more dreamy styles!

Which one of these pieces is your favorite, and how would you style them? Comment down below!

xx, Antonia

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