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    Early Spring

      Spring is finally here! The first two months of the year feel like the slowest and hardest to get through, but afterwards you think back and it´s like “wow so much time has passed”. I can´t wait for all the beautiful things to unfold this year. From flowers and greens to friendships and relationships or events and prosperity in school. So much good is coming our way, can you feel it in the wind? Smell it in the streets? Keep working hard and loving unconditionally, kindness will always be rewarded, even in the hardest of times. Saturday was a surprisingly warm day, which was great because I had an…

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    New In: ASOS Haul

    Hi lovelies! How lovely is the tiffany-blue of that jacket? It´s a bit less saturated on the naked eye, but just as pretty I assure you! Here you have three items that I just bought that I think you´ll be seeing A LOT on here from now on. The skirt is so versitile and I already see myself dressing it up and down, same with the shoes. I´ve been wanting them forever, so I´m so excited to finally have them in my closet and to be able to style and wear them.   Which item do you like best? How would you style them? Talk to me in the comments!…

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    Beach Please

    Hi lovelies! Since it´s currently raining and dreary outside my window, I thought I´d soothe some of my summer cravings by looking back to my last time on a beach. These pictures were taken on a trip to Scheveningen/Den Haag a while back (as in september last year…oops). The sun was out and so beautiful, but the water was freezing. I can´t believe there were actual people surfing (my brother and his friends included!). I can´t wait to finally visit a beach again once spring starts showing itself this year 🙂 Have a great day! Antonia