You can make this possible!

Acctopus is growing. We are preparing for a global rollout by leveraging and expanding our partner network and supporting our customers’ OEMs. We have a packed roadmap, and our customers and prospects are asking for numerous enhancements to further facilitate their work.

This requires a strong team of experts, great minds, and innovative thinkers.
Be part of this team and help us fulfill this vision.

Job Agents, please read to the bottom of the page.

Current positions

Job Agents

We value your work for the job seekers. If you want to support us in our search, we will generously remunerate you: When we hire a candidate you refer, you will receive the equivalent of 9% of the yearly salary of the hired applicant when they start work, and another 6% after 7 months of their service with the company.

Generally, this will need a contract between you and Acctopus upfront to apply.

We prefer to pay good wages to our employees.