School ended a week ago and to be honest I haven´t really been following my study plan, BUT I have been doing a lot of other things that I´m super happy and proud of!

1. I have a job! And coworkers! And I am making my own money! It feels so good to be responsible like this, and I know a bunch of people my age have been working for a while and that I might be a bit late with it, but i´m still proud of myself. Working has changed my view of money so drastically. Everytime I spend money know I calculate how many hours I would have to work in order to pay whatever I want to buy off. So hey, I guess the easiest way to save money is to make it!

2. I´ve been going to a couple of business related meetings (good amazing awesome things are coming!).

So many things are happening and I´m making so much progress in many areas of my life. I can´t wait to share it all with you!

Here is an outfit I wore to one of the meetings I attended. I rarely wear heels during the day, but they really elevated the look and made me look more professional than the tennis shoes I originally planned on wearing. Also, who would have guessed that I would ever be cought wearing a blazer. My simple top and blue jeans balanced out the heels and blazer, so I still looked casual enough for it to not look like I was a child playing dress up.









As we all know, the way we present ourselves matters, and first impressions are always important. I can´t stress this enough: if it´s important to you, you have to put in the effort. Luckily enough, effort is often easy when you´re having fun and are interested and engaged. (And no, I don´t consider wearing heels and a blazer much effort, it´s just a tiny part of the bigger picture!)

I hope you´re doing just as well and are happy and enjoying your time off with family, freinds, and yourself. Here´s a good mantra to follow:

“Take care of your body. Eat. Hydrate. Move. Sleep.”

Much love,

Antonia x

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