Hi lovelies! I wore this outfit to the beach on a very cloudy, moody day. It rained early in the morning, so I brought a thrifted black sweatshirt jacket, a scarf, and my beloved leather jacket with me. But when we arrived at the beach after a tranquil one hour-long car ride, the universe was on our side and the sky cleared up. The sun began to shine, and it got warm enough for me to peel off my three layers of warmth and wear only the top (Brandy Melville) and the trousers (also Brandy Melville). My shoes were left with the pile of my clothes as I took a walk right beside the waves. The water was more than freezing, but it felt so good to have the salt tangle my hair, to feel the tiny sprays of ocean water on my skin.



We collected sea shells, and I found a few very large, very beautiful white ones. Can´t wait to incorporate them into my room decor! I felt like a little child again when we compared our sea shells and lined them up from largest to smallest. It´s momets like that, sitting at a table on the deck of a beach bar with people who´s company I enjoy, that make me forget all my troubles and make me really cherish my life and everything I´ve achieved so far. Do you have moments like that?



The trip back was so beautiful too. There´s something so realxing in sitting in the back of a car after a trip to the beach. There´s a sleepy haziness to the mind, while the world passes by in seeming slow motion. The smell of salt, sunscreen, and coconut lotion filled the backseat as I doze off, cheeks warm, a smile on my lips.




The top I´m wearing is simple, yet classic. It´s slightly cropped to the perfect length, in my opinion. The soft black fabric is ripped and has a wide v-neck. Tops like these are perfect to wear under cardigans and jackets (to school, for example) or on their own. I know that I´ll be getting a lot of use out of it this summer, especially at parties or concerts, where I can style it up or down.

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I never thought that I would be wearing anything but (skinny) jeans, but these pants are as comfortable as sweatpants, and look so cool. Vertical stripes lengthen the legs, and their dark colors make them super wearable in all seasons (while white pants, for example, look better in the spring/summer months than in the fall). I´ve been seeing loads of people wearing different cuts and patterned jeans and pants, and I´m loving this “revolution”! I remember forcing myself into skinny jeans in middle school to become “popular” (or whatever), but those days are over. It´s so important to feel confident and comfortable in what you´re wearing above all else. So, as long as you´re into it, wear whatever you want!

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Who would´ve guessed that I´d be wearing white sneakers? (Yep, everyone). Really no surprise there: I love white sneakers. They just go with everything, as proven here 🙂

Read up on my Guide to White Sneakers for inspiration and styling tips.

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xx Antonia



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