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Supporting your Goals Is Our Ultimate Goal!

Since 2001, Our Team Has Succeeded In Understanding The Needs Of The TelCo Industry And Creating Reliable Products To Serve Them All.

Acctopus is one of the leading German providers of operation, test, and monitoring automation systems for fixed and mobile networks and IoT services, as well as network policy systems.
Whether software developers, quality engineers, or product managers – we at Acctopus are a creative team of highly committed experts and talents. Each individual has unique expertise and experience, which together make up the strength and competence of the company.

Founded in 2001, the company began providing design and specification consulting services to mobile operators and built the foundation for the first large-scale mobile access networks based on AAA access services. The system was finally developed by Netzwert AG in Berlin, now owned and managed by ENEA AB, Sweden, and is used by many large network operators worldwide.

Some Cool Facts From The Past Two Decades

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Years of Experience
Completed Projects
Issued Tests on Degust SaaS Cloud (Jan 21 - Jun 23)
Degust Quality-Automation
Peek Access and Policy Subscribers (Yes!)

Quality Is Our First Priority!

We make sure that every little detail is taken care of in the manufacturing and support of every size of product. 
Our focus is 100% on customer needs and satisfaction.

Innovative Solutions on Demand

In 2001, testing was a purely manual process. We started to automate when a customer asked us to test their mobile Internet (WAP) permanently with 10 different devices and 15 SIM cards at different tariffs. This had to be done better…

The predecessor of Degust was born and has been continuously expanded since then.
Today Degust tests mostly in USA, GB, BE, DE, NL, IT, CH, and CZ more than 3 million times per day in fixed and mobile networks.

In 2008, mobile internet flat rates did not yet exist. We developed and delivered the first “Fair Usage” and “Data Cap” policy solution in Germany, based on RADIUS
NetMaut was born and served at peak time over 32 million subscribers in 260 million sessions per day. As standardization of the 3GPP matured, NetMaut was extended with further protocols like Diameter and HTTP2 (used in 5G).

From the beginning, we have been flexible and fast in developing high-quality solutions that have helped our customers succeed.

Quality Unsurpassed

Today, in addition to significantly improving the quality of their products, we help our customers to free their highly qualified employees from boring troubleshooting tasks and to lead them into much more demanding engineering and planning tasks.

This not only relieves these employees, but also helps to keep the know-how in the company, instead of hiring external consultants again and again, who then take the know-how with them to the next customer.

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