i´m antonia. i´m named after my grandfather, by my mother, who is the strongest woman i know. i live in germany, and will stay here for two more years before graduating high school and leaving to discover the world and my path, which is still so unclear to me. at 17, i have so much ahead of me. i like to write. a lot. i write poems about strangers on trains or the sunsets i get to experience while walking my dog heidi. i write love letters, most of them are hidden in one of my white journals to never be read. i write books only to never finish them but keep the story alive in my mind. i write here, about traveling and sometimes fashion or beauty or life, whatever i feel like, really. i love correcting people´s grammar but hate when i have to, and i love the sky, the stars and sunsets. i love loving and making other beings happy makes me happy. i used to be a very sad, emotional person. i still am emotional, i cry to sad music or happy movies, i cry when leaving places and people and i cry when i see them again. but i am becoming more positive with every passing day. i am becoming more of who i know i am meant to be, with every passing day. music makes me happy to the point where you have never seen me truly happy until you´ve seen me at a concert, and i love laughing and making other people laugh. i like the forest during the day, i like taking videos of heidi or my friends or plants swaying in the wind. i have the urge to create.  i love words and i love reading them. this is my little corner of the internet, come join me and my raindbow.

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