For as long as I can remember my grandfather has smoked cigars. Never cigarettes (at least not in my lifetime), only cigars. With a glass of red wine or beer and a cigar balanced between his fingers, he always looked like the most elegant man to me. Cigars smell like home, cigar boxes carry their scents better than anything else, and so these wooden sticker-loaded boxes have always held a very special space in my heart. This one is my favorite. Hunter green and yellow, a red logo and multiple labels. It´s clasp a tiny nail that does a surprisingly good job at keeping it securely closed. Inside this treasure chest, a layer of paper cuttings and postcards. Postcards from all over the world sent to me by all kinds of people.

part of my collection <3

Postcards have something nostalgic to them. Why would anyone send a postcard when they could send a snap? Why would anyone take the time to write out something as simple as “the weather here is amazing, I hope you are well” or, in rare yet beautiful cases, “I wish you were here” and “I´m thinking of you” when Whatsapp and mass-texts exists? Because the person on the receiving end means something to the sender.

I guess, in a nutshell, today´s post is a thank you note. Thank you for taking the thought of me on all of these adventures: some version of me has seen turtles hatch in Costa Rica, has jumped off of Maltese cliffs, has stood in front of the Eiffel Tower and skied in Austria. Some version of me has seen Atlantic City´s neon lights in their entire glory, and another version of me has inhaled Hawaiian air.

Every postcard is a love letter. Even the silly ones. Even the ones that really do only talk about the weather or a tourist hotspot you simply must see for yourself. Sending a postcard to someone is a secret way of saying hey, I´m thinking of you, I see you, you are a part of my life. 

Maybe it is overly romantic of me to think so, but maybe I´m telling the truth. For now, just know that it is my truth, and that postcards mean so much to me and that if you´ve ever sent or brought me one, it truly made me happy (and most likely tear up a little hehe). So I want to thank you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for thinking of me, for taking the thought of me with you on all your adventures.

This wall is an ode to my friends and all the places we have seen.


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