For anyone who hasn’t seen my most recent Instagram picture by the canal or read my last post on detaching, here’s the news: I moved to Amsterdam. Yay, big girl steps. In true Antonia form, I started packing the day before and finished packing like ten minutes before leaving. Unsurprisingly, I forgot lots of stuff or simply didn’t think to bring/buy these things because they were always just available at home (and if I couldn’t find them my mom always did). So here’s a list of everything I’ve realized I’ve forgotten or still need (up til now):

note: if you can’t physically bring this stuff, put it on the “buy as soon as possible” list. you’re welcome.


  1. An umbrella (Amsterdam is super rainy and I’ve never bought an umbrella before but there’s a first for everything I guess)
  2. Medicine! Ibuprofen, stomach medicine, peppermint oil against headaches (although eucalyptus oil works best)
  3. Your bank card!!! I feel like I’m the only one this would ever happen to but I left both my bank cards sitting on my kitchen desk :)))
  4. Important documents. Passport, bank details, insurance details, birth certificate??? I don’t even know where mine is but maybe I should have brought it? Idek
  5. Chargers (phone, laptop, camera)
  6. Speakers. Background music makes life better.


  1. A microwave
  2. A kettle (I am terrified of my gas stove and can’t even make tea lmao)
  3. A bathmat
  4. A bedside lamp/desk lamp
  5. A laundry basket
  6. Cleaning utensils (broom, bucket, wet-wipes, etc.)
  7. Clothing detergent
  8. Dishwasher tabs!
  9. A clothing line and clothing pins (you know, for washing your clothes, which you’ll now be doing yourself)


  1. A raincoat
  2. Coats in general! I didn’t bring a single coat and I feel so dumb
  3. Boots (summer won’t last forever)


  1. Cotton pads and q-tips
  2. Tweezers
  3. Nail files


  1. Simple spices (pepper, salt, cinnamon, curry, chili)
  2. Hot sauce
  3. Honey/sweetener
  4. Honestly bring as much food as you can from home because that’s where most of your mone will go once you’ve arrived

This is all I can think of right now but feel free to let me know anythign I might’ve forgotte (literally) and I’ll update the list asap.

Good luck, have a safe trip, have fun growing up xx


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